Evie Frye

So how else am I going to cause chaos and mess everything up without my big sister to fix things? I mean okay I know I’m the handsome sexy amazing one but still. Either way I need my twin! So a bit about her, cause you might know her – she’s got these adorable freckles (but I didn’t say that because she hurts when she hits you with that cane sword and really her aim is terrifyingly accurate), and really startlingly intense blue eyes. And I mean intense. They make you squirm. And she’s a skinny thing, and smaller then me… I believe in modern lingo she’d be described as a ‘smol terrifying ball of smol’. She’s fun to tease though, and she has a thing for a certain Henry Green, and while I’m spilling the secrets she won’t admit it but she’s not as perfect a planner as she likes to think. I mean she did manage to blow up a lab! But she certainly plans more then me – I’m an act first think later. Also she’s a sneaky sneak, but relies on me to save her ass in brawls. Anyway would any of you kind people like to play my sister so I can wind her up with causing messes to be fixed? Please?

The Rooks need you!… Well they need me but I can’t be me without my sister!

Plot Opportunities:

What plot ideas for you? Well for starters Jacob is always one to cause chaos – he tries to reel it in but well, he gets up to uncontrolled chaotic shennanigans. Evie tends to end up clearing things up for him. The big plot I’d -love- to explore though is those two working together to free the Kenway house from the Templars. I can see it being something Evie initiates (because who knows what other secrets its hiding!) and Jacob going along for the ‘good time’. Because it gives him the chance to beat something up, and he’d certainly make a perfect distraction!

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