Steven Black


Advantage Effect
Rough and Ready Steven Black is a bit rough around the edges, and rather ready to find
Quick Thinker Steven Black is quick to think on his feet, and can react to situations quickly
Mediator Although rather quick tempered Steven Black has learnt to temper this with mediating disputes first


Disadvantage Effect
Poor Literacy While not totally illiterate Steven Black is prone to struggling without pictures to assist learning
Skin Colour The colour of his skin can cause conflicts on none pirate areas
Transgender Binding in the heat of the west indies leaves Steven prone to heat exhaustion, equally he faces a lot of disapproval and poor reactions


Appearance:┬áStanding a good 5ft 8″ Steven cuts an imposing field, heavy set, if curvier then would be typical, with fuller lips, a softer face. Masking some of these discrepancies is numerous layers of clothing, loose fitting, careful to never remain too tight around the waist, a bandana – a deep red in hue – holding crinkled black hair back out of his face. At least a few scars are caused by settling disputes among the crew
Personality: Brash – and somewhat crudely spoken – Steven Black is sometimes prone to settling disputes with his fists. Among the crew he’s known as being quiet, and somewhat private, though a fair man at settling intercrew disputes.
Likes/Dislikes: Solitude, Cats // His own private time being intruded on, those who pick on the weak
Hobbies: Learning his letters, grooming Fang
Goal: To keep his captain out of trouble


Natural Counter


As First Mate Steven Black is typically the one who is used to keep the crew well and truly in line – and maintain control of a rebellious crew. He’s also somewhat hot headed. With the port of Great Inuagua blockaded? Well his job is a lot harder – especially with James getting restless.

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