Juhani Otso Berg – Canon Fact Sheet

This fact sheet is written specifically for how Berg ties in on thecreed.online modern day plotline Innovations
<h5>Juhani Otso Berg

Born: 17th June 1985
Rank: Templar Inner Sanctum Member | Templar Black Cross | Sigma Team Leader
First meeting with Abstergo: Through his father, who worked for an oil company belonging to a subsidiary of Abstergo.
Leadership II
Drive – Car II
Intimidate II
Manipulation II
A hardened individual, Juhani Otso Berg focuses primarily on being efficient, and ensuring the reformed Sigma team is successful in their duties. He is exceptionally loyal to the Templar cause, seeing it as what is required for a better future. Despite this however, he has respect for Assassins and Templars – especially those who have inspired him, or have cooperated him. He also has a large reserve of determination, and – well hidden – a small cruel streak.

While as a rule he will follow orders, he does possess some sense of flexibility, willing to choose the moment he feels would be best suited for the outcome of the mission to be a success. He is equally willing to sacrifice himself, if need be, for the success of a mission. While he isn’t unnecessarily cruel to those who cooperate with him, he does rule with a firm hand – both with his daughter, and with those beneath him in SIGMA team.
Trivia: Due to a varied upbringing, and having been brought up by oil rig workers… he doesn’t pronounce his name right. At one point this got him teased until he proved his prowess when he worked in the Finnish special forces
Recent Sightings: Berg has been sighted in the Race for the Sword event where he was injured (minor). More recently he’s been in London at the Abstergo Headquarters, handling SIGMA matters.


Ivarr Haurkson – Sniper, advises on sniper tactics

Kristian – Tech support/Comms guy

Aleksandr Vladomich – Torturer/Enforcer

Violet de Costa – Comms

Andre Bolden – support in his role as the Black Cross




James Harrison – currently believed to be using the alias Alexis Bonnaire. Former Templar turned traitor

Any Assassin

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