Defunct Organisation, taken over by Abstergo Industries


PATRIOT was an American based secret organisation, comprising solely of ghost members. Minimum age of recruitment was 18, and you were always approached. Their primary goal was upholding the constitution and defending the rights of all individuals on earth to live in freedom and peace without the threat of corrupt governments, dictators and terrorists. They had a secondary aim which was a secret continuation of the Cold War, focusing primarily on the disruption of Russian business without any ties to the USA. This meant that PATRIOT technically worked outside the law.


Recruitment into PATRIOT was always something you were offered. Never something you were given a form for. You would be approached by a recruiter for a coffee, if they felt you had potential, and you would sign forms, and then be taken in a black car, black tinted windows to a training base. Once you were in, you were for all intents and purposes dead to the world. All traces of your life would stop, and the announcement would go out you had died in an accident somehow. Most their recruits came from military, however they would occasionally recruit civilians.


All PATRIOT agents understood if they were caught, given PATRIOT worked outside the law, understood that if they were caught? They’d not be rescued if it was by law enforcement. The most PATRIOT would do is to send in a sniper or assassin to take you out to ensure you couldn’t divulge secrets. If however you were caught by a Russian terrorist, or any of the russian secret groups they would, if you were considered of enough worth, send an extraction team. This is the only point, and if you were thought to have given away information even under torture, again you’d be eliminated. Equally any agent who divulged the truth wouldn’t wake up the next day, or else would be permanently fearing a bullet in the back. Because the giving away of information without duress was seen as a coward’s act, they would eliminate you as thus.


Ivarr Haurkson – Sniper. Utilises many aliases, was one of the long standing members of PATRIOT upon its takeover.

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